Public Health Systems in Canada: A Series

January 28, 2022

NAO Director Sara Allin is Co-Principal Investigator on the CIHR-funded grant project Platform to Monitor the Performance of Public Health Systems. The project, developed during the pandemic to highlight trends and opportunities to renew and reinforce public health infrastructure in Canada and elsewhere in the world, is under the auspices of the National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP). Sara’s University of Toronto colleagues Dr. Andrew Pinto (Associate Professor at DLSPH and Director of the Upstream Lab at Unity Health Toronto) and Dr. Laura Rosella (Associate Professor at DLSPH and Director of the Population Health Analytics Lab) are co-leading the initiative, with support from several leading organizations in the health systems and policy field, various collaborators, and numerous research team members.

The first phase of this project involves producing detailed descriptions of public health financing, governance, organization, and workforce in each of the 13 Canadian provinces and territories in a literature review that was validated by decision makers. In order to make this data available to inform public health renewal discussions, the NCCHPP is producing a series of 13 profiles of public health systems in Canada along with a methodology document.

Reports are released as they are published. The methodology document and first two reports, on Ontario and Nova Scotia, are available online (English / French).