Make Canada’s Universal Health Care System, Truly Universal

August 5, 2022

NAO Director Sara Allin spoke to AM640 Toronto Today host Greg Brady on August 3, where she discussed a range of pressing issues regarding Canada’s health system. Sara points out, contrary to the common view of their being polar opposites, that Canada’s system shares much in common with that of the United States; despite Canada’s justly proud universal health care, there are many vital services that remain uncovered by the current system, including dental, mental health, and physio. Further, Sara notes that long-standing problems with long-term care and other congregated living facilities that were exacerbated by the pandemic are prompting fresh thinking about supporting Canadians in their preferred settings. Sara argues that frustration with the current system should not cause us to abandon our universal system, but to more clearly identify the services people need to stay healthy over a lifetime and robustly expand them to cover everyone.

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