Sustainable financing to transform Canada’s public health systems

Public health is central to preserving population health and supporting emergency responses. Sustained, equitable and effective financing is a critical building block to a strong public health system. Yet, Canada’s public health systems face challenges with ensuring adequate and sustained financing for public health, and there are significant variations across the country, and internationally, in both the size of public health budgets and trends over time.

The aim of this research is to learn more about the best options for improving Canada’s public health financing models, considering sustainability, effectiveness and equity. We will compare and contrast how decisions are made across Canada and Australia, about setting public health budgets, including the role of key stakeholders such as public health leaders, government decision makers and communities who partner with public health and receive programs. This comparative analysis focuses on four Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Ontario, Qu├ębec, and Nova Scotia) and two Australian states (New South Wales and Queensland).

Principal Investigators


  • Olivier Bellefleur
  • Peter Berman
  • Katherine Fierlbeck
  • Lara Gautier
  • Ak’ingabe Guyon
  • Carmen Huckel Schneider
  • Jasmine Pawa
  • Melanie Seabrook
  • Stefanie Tan

Funding details